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Renewable Energy Services

With a focus on reducing our impact on the environment and working in conjunction with clients to reuse sewerage and trade waste to produce clean reusable water.

Maztec Industrial Solutions have a range of Solar and wind products available, including Solar dosing systems, Solar Leak detection systems, Solar aeration and Fountain systems.

We can also offer a range of Wind Turbine options that can be used to compliment the Solar and give an all-year round power source.

renewable energy1

Our range can be used in most locations, but in particular we specialise in assisting customers in remote locations that have issues with power supply to their field equipment.

We also install solar and wind products on our fixed or portable plants as a source of offsetting the power usage and to help reduce the running cost.

wind turbines2

Our range includes:

  • Solar Surface Aerators
  • Solar Sub-Surface Aerators
  • Solar Leak Detections
  • Solar Dosing Equipment
  • Solar power Systems
  • Wind Turbine Powered Aerators
  • Wind Turbine power Systems

We are excited to be able to offer these alternative options to help reduce the impact on the environment and assist our customers with another source of power supply.