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Stop settling for works that do not meet your requirements and start thinking of a full solution to your problems.

Our Services

At Maztec Solutions we only use the best we can source from Australian manufacturers and suppliers, we have had a full relationship with suppliers for over 20 years and can accommodate almost any request.

See below the services we offer so that you may receive the best one stop services for your Industrial solutions.

maztec filtration designs

Product Design

Whether your solution calls for a conventional treatment process or is to involve a more modern (MBR) type system, you can rest assured that our dedicated team of process design and project engineers will deliver the correct solution for the specific needs of your plant. Our professional Design team can help you through the design process of your project to ensure performance to its best capability.

We specialise in the design, construction and installation of complete waste water treatment plants for a wide range of industry sectors.

  • PLC and system development
  • Custom software development
  • Control Systems
tank pump controls

Custom Controls

From an idea to implementation we work hard on Developing control systems for water discharge automation, natural gas extraction and increasing the usability of plant efficient & operation.

These include:

  • PLC and  complete system development
  • Custom software development to suite
  • Full Control Systems
  • Customised panel to fit environment
metal folding


Metal folding is the process that gives the metal product its shape. A machine is used to bend (or fold) the metal in order for it to reach its intended form.

The benefits of using this robust and efficient machine are that it can fold small intricacies and create a variety of shapes for many day-to-day products.

We offer a full process and can design any type of product to meet the project.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

parts fabrication


Metal fabrication is the process of building machines and structures from raw metal materials. The process includes cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly to create the final product. Metal fabrication projects include everything from hand railings to heavy equipment and machinery.

Any part can be fabricated throughout the project using the latest machinery and modern techniques.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

parts machining


  • Turning—t utilizes a single point cutting tool by Lathe.
  • Milling—Milling is performed in Milling Machine . Here necessary cutting motion is imparted by rotation of cutter.
  • Facing—Performed to make a surface flat and substantially smooth. Using lathe or milling machine.
  • Drilling—It is performed to originate a hole in a surface in any orientation. It utilizes a double-point cutting tool called drill. Similar to milling, rotation of drill provides required cutting motion, while movement of table provides necessary feed and depth of cut.
  • Boring— increase diameter of an existing hole (either drilled or cast).
  • Knurling—Surface is required to reduce chances of slippage while gripping.
  • Grinding—abrasive cutting process
maztec part designs


Our services encompass the full lifecycle of the asset ensuring we fully understand your initial needs and identify possible enhancements. Our goal is to develop an ongoing relationship providing services that focus on technology and the latest best industry practices that add value to your operation.

  • Water and Wastewater treatment plants.
  • Industrial laundries
  • Manufacturing
  • Batch Processing Plants
  • Powder coating
maztec powder coating1

Powder Coating

Coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Unlike conventional liquid paint which is delivered via an evaporating solvent, powder coating is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat or with ultraviolet light. Either by thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. To create a hard finish tougher than conventional paint.


We specialise in Powder coating of parts after processes if required.

maztec welding

Welding & Assembly

We offer full Welding & Assembly throughout the project with standardized processes and equipment to suit any needs within any project, including, TIG, MIG, Robotic & Aluminium welding:


  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

Raw Material Forms

  • Coil
  • Sheet
  • Bar Stock
  • Tubing
  • Plate